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A Hydropower Plant in Nepal may Destroy Potential for Adventure Tourism
A new hydropower plant in Nepal has been approved and is set to begin construction in 2013. The area? Bhote Kosi. Bhote Kosi which cuts through the Himalayas and is known as one of the top ten rivers for white water rafting. Megh Ale of the Nepal River Conservation Trust is quoted in the article as saying, "Bhote Kosi is a world-class river, important for the local people here and for tourism. If the power house is built at Jambu, it will significantly decrease water volume along the rafting route, and tourism will lose its most important attraction." Read the full article as ...

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Xola: How many of 'America's Greatest Main Streets' have you visited? via @TravlandLeisure
Xola: The Future of Science and the role of Silicon Valley tech companies via @techcrunch
Xola: Are you more of a mountains or an ocean person?

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OTR Getting Ready for a Winter FAM in Montenegro
Snow is falling in Kolasin, and we're getting ready for our winter FAM trip with Black Mountain Montenegro and 3e Travel! One week to go!

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Staying Healthy While Traveling
This article on avoiding Traveler's Diarrhea comes from Dr. Michael Kirsch, who writes the Travelogue Blog and co-founded Traveler’s diarrhea (TD) is the most common infectious disease affecting international travelers. The vast majority of these cases are caused by bacteria, with viruses and parasites accounting for about 20% of cases. This disease can be effectively prevented and treated, if it strikes. Are You Prepared? Boil it, Cook it, Peel it or Forget it has been standard advice to travelers to reduce risk of TD. While we endorse this common sense strategy, surprisingly, there is little evidence supporting it in medical journals. ...

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Volunteer Tourism News

Voluntourism Gal - Add ‘Voluntourism’ to the Dictionary
12.13.12 | 4:39 pm UTC
This is a cool idea initiated by the volunteer director at GoOverseas – sign the petition to have Merriam-Webster add the term ‘voluntourism’ to the dictionary. Visit this site to sign the petition: Filed under: Uncategorized [Link]

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International Tourism Hits One Billion
12.13.12 | 7:09 pm UTC
One billion tourists have travelled the world in 2012, marking a new record for international tourism – a sector that accounts for one in every 12 jobs and 30% of the world’s services exports. On the symbolic arrival date of the one-billionth tourist (13 December 2012), UNWTO revealed the actions tourists can take to ensure [...] [Link]
FTTSA Certifies First Oudtshoorn Property
12.13.12 | 4:09 pm UTC
Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa (FTTSA) has recently certified its first ever property in the tourism hotspot of Oudtshoorn. De Zeekoe Guest Farm is an owner-managed African farm that offers a variety of accommodation types (from stylish suites to rustic waterfront chalets with both catered and self-catering options). With a very strong focus on [...] [Link]
H&T Argentina Joins The Kusini Collection
12.13.12 | 4:09 pm UTC
Seattle, WA and Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA – Today, the Kusini Collection announces its newest portfolio member – H&T Argentina. The Buenos Aires-based luxury ground handler has appointed the Kusini Collection as its North American sales and marketing representative to the travel trade. Specializing in custom-designed and privately-guided natural history, cultural and adventure tours, H&T Argentina also crafts [...] [Link]
Characters of the Yukon pt 1
12.13.12 | 7:41 pm UTC
This post is part of Matador’s partnership with Canada, where journalists show how to explore Canada like a local. THIS PAST AUGUST, Travel Yukon sent me on a 10-day, 1,300-mile journey through the heart of the territory. By 4×4, helicopter, and fixed wing, I experienced the region’s landscapes first-hand, and though I saw animals representing both the top of the ... [Link]
How to explain Hanukkah to Gentiles
12.13.12 | 6:41 pm UTC
Photo: Dominic's pics I am a Jewish person who celebrates Hanukkah even though I have trouble spelling it (Hannukah, Channuukkahh, Janucah, Hahnuckah). Some non-Jewish people might not understand the whole megillah as to why Hanukkah is celebrated. Hanukkah is really just the celebration of a military victory and re-dedication of the Holy Temple around 167 BCE. (We say “Before the ... [Link]
Congrats Gerber contest winners!
12.13.12 | 5:40 pm UTC
We’d just arrived in Puerto Maldonado, Peru, in the Amazon rainforest. Out of the blue, a huge windstorm blew up, sending my mom & I running. – Sabrina Doyle Trouble came a’ knocking, and you answered. WE WERE STOKED to receive over 100 entries that described in detail broken limbs, airport crises, muggings, heart attacks, and near misses. Ten daily ... [Link]
Heads Up: Where an Attaché Comes With the Room
12.14.12 | 12:13 am UTC
A new service for guests at the Pierre hotel’s Grand Suites offers almost unlimited access to immaculately trained butlers. [Link]
In Transit Blog: Travelers Say They Back Flights Without Children
12.13.12 | 7:09 pm UTC
A coupon-code site survey found that more than half the users would prefer to travel on child-free flights, and most would pay more for them. [Link]
T Magazine: Letter From Berlin | Paper & Tea
12.13.12 | 5:01 pm UTC
A new specialty store in Berlin offers a different route to high-end tea. [Link]


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