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Gems in Mexico Nowhere to be Found in the Recently Issued U.S. Travel Warnings

While CNN has countered negative press about travel to Mexico with facts – taking into account the newly expanded U.S. travel warning, the region continues to suffer from negative press. Lonely Planet’s U.S. Travel Editor, Robert Reid, points out, “It’s in the 17 of 31 states not named in the newly expanded warnings where you’ll find the most rewarding destinations: the Yucatan Peninsula and Baja California beach resorts, colonial hill towns like the ex-pat haven of San Miguel de Allende, even the capital Mexico City.”

Recently the Wall Street Journal described the effect of the cartel wars on Mexican tourism, travel advisory warnings have been posted for 14 of the 31 Mexican states and have successfully discouraged travel to Mexico…When you compare numbers though – the violence is much on par with U.S. cities… (Continue reading the full article.)

In our consulting business we have come across many tour operators who have seen a decline in guests even though the areas they operate in are relatively safe from drug related violence. Such as Traditions Mexico, who was featured in last month’s newsletter.

One such operator - Natural Habitat Adventures is offering a trip to swim with Whale Sharks this summer on Holbox, a small island near Cancun. Far from the dangers of drug related violence, you can encounter these friendly, plankton-feeding giants that can span up to 40 feet in length. Whale Sharks swim off the coast of Mexico in the warm ocean waters and are not to be missed.

Read an account by Sharon Spence Lieb who met these magnificent creatures as she snorkeled with Solo Buceo, a Mexican company based in Cancun.